Moyer Baseball Academy is a group dedicated to the advancement of an individual’s achievement on and off the field. We believe that the qualities that can mold an athlete to be elite are the same qualities used to be successful in life. We teach this through baseball, helping each student work towards achieving their highest success. 

Our group training program is all encompassing for the ball player looking to take their game to the next level. Here is a quick look at the programs offered in MBA:

Nutrition: derived from years of contact with top nutritionist from around the league. Be able to sustain the growth you are asking your body to do!

Strength/Speed: Tried and true methods from years of experience and working with different organizations. Learn to be fast and powerful with your movements!

Defense: Learn fundamentals of defense, how to move the body, knowing your job on every play, and keeping athleticism throughout defensive movements that helped get players to the pro level!

Hitting: Elite hitters leave clues to how to do what they do. Our coaches have spent years developing hitters using traditional methods as well as latest tech to verify progression. Swing to do damage, hit more line drives. 

Pitching: Efficient movements, velocity, and accuracy do not have to be either or. Accurate velocity achieved through efficient patterning and sequencing of the body to create healthy, explosive and repeatable mechanics to dominate the zone with all pitches. 

Mental: It takes a certain mentality to commit to being the best you can be. We believe in proper self talk and reflection to create a mental state conductive towards success. Mindset can make or break an athlete, learn to have yours become a weapon!

Our programs run 4 days a week with 3 full workout days and 1 optional movement specific day (hitting or throwing). Each student will receive a nutrition packet along with a workout plan based on their appropriate ages. Group sizes 5-10 students based on age/level. 

Full Workout sessions are 150 minutes (2.5hrs) and movement specific sessions will vary based upon group size. 

Get started today! We have different levels of membership, please contact us to learn more!

☑️Single Drop in Session $125

☑️Weekly Training Package $275

☑️Monthly Training Package $995

☑️ Yearly Training Membership (Ask Today!)

*All Moyer Baseball Academy training sessions are semi-private group training*