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Jamie and Hutton Moyer are a father-son duo that have always bonded over their shared love of baseball. Hutton’s more formative memories include playing with his siblings at (then) Safeco Field while Jamie was with the Seattle Mariners, and watching his dad pitch for the Phillies in the World Series. Jamie’s greatest joy has been raising his 8 kids and teaching them all the sport’s greatest lessons; adversity, failure, self-accountability and grit. With desire to share a project together that combined their knowledge and experience in competitive baseball, Moyer Baseball Academy was born. 


Jamie Moyer, co-founder of The Moyer Baseball Academy, is a 25 yr. veteran of Major League Baseball. Over the course of his lengthy career he pitched for the Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Phillies, Rockies and most notably, in Seattle where he was inducted into the Mariner’s Hall of Fame in 2015. During his historically long career in the big leagues, he was known for his professionalism and hard work, something he imparted on his three sons Dillon, Hutton, and Mac. 

In addition to his athletic achievements, Jamie has extensive experience in philanthropy and community engagement! One of the initiatives he is most proud of is the creation of Seattle-area youth baseball. Realizing that the Magnolia  neighborhood lacked baseball beyond Little League, Jamie and his family worked hard to create the Magnolia Baseball Club in 2004/2005 so that neighborhood kids would have opportunity to play local baseball beyond Little League. The program exists today, although after Jamie’s retirement from MLB the family is no longer affiliated with this successful program. 

Although Jamie no longer resides in the Seattle area, he and Hutton have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating to create an education program The Moyer Baseball Academy for serious ball players who have the dream of high school baseball, college baseball, and potentially playing professionally. This program currently resides in the Seattle area and East Side areas!


1986- 1990

Chicago Cubs

Texas Rangers

St. Louis Cardinals

Chicago Cubs

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Rox


East to West Seattle



World Series Champion in 2008
Seattle Mariners
Hall of Fame


Chicago Cubs (1986–1988)

Texas Rangers (1989–1990)

St. Louis Cardinals (1991)

Chicago Cubs / Detroit Tigers (1992)

Baltimore Orioles (1993–1995)

Boston Red Sox (1996)

Seattle Mariners (1996–2006)

MLB All Star 2003

Philadelphia Phillies (2006–2010)

    World Series Champion 2008 

Colorado Rockies (2012)

 Mariners Hall of Fame 2015

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