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Hutton’s passion for the sport of baseball stems from his days of watching his dad, Jamie, play in the majors for 26 years. Some of Hutton’s earliest memories are of the Mariners’ clubhouse, hanging around the team and treating the old Safeco Field like a playground. Through all the wins, losses, trades and moves, Hutton’s love for the game solidified and it became clear that baseball would always be an important part of his life. 

Following Jamie’s path through professional baseball, Hutton was able to learn from some of the greatest players in the sport’s history. Fielding ground balls with players like Brett Boone and Alex Rodriguez, Hutton saw first-hand what it takes to succeed on the field. Naturally forming aspirations of his own, Hutton’s competitive baseball career began at the IMG Academy, a renowned sports institution where he played and practiced against some of the best youth players in the country. From there, Hutton went to Pepperdine University to play NCAA Divison 1 baseball. Hutton was drafted out of Pepperdine by the Anaheim Angels in the 7th round of the 2015 draft. He worked his way to the AA level of the minor leagues before leaving to pursue a different career path after the birth of his first daughter, Cameron. 

While living in San Diego Hutton coached Mike Sweeney’s youth baseball team in addition to leading individual sessions for high school players looking to get drafted. Coaching has always been a way for Hutton to stay connected to baseball and is something he’s excited to continue doing now that he’s permanently settled back in Seattle where he has started his dream project, Moyer Baseball Academy.



Co-Founder of MBA

Jamie Moyer, co-founder of The Moyer Baseball Academy, is a 25 yr. veteran of Major League Baseball. Over the course of his lengthy career he pitched for the Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Phillies, Rockies and most notably, in Seattle where he was inducted into the Mariner’s Hall-of-Fame in 2015. During his historically long career in the big leagues, he was known for his professionalism and hard-work something he imparted on his three sons Dillon, Hutton, and Mac. 

In addition to his athletic achievements, Jamie has extensive experience in philanthropy and community engagement! One of the initiatives he is most proud of is the creation of Seattle-area youth baseball. Realizing that the Magnolia  neighborhood lacked baseball beyond little league, Jamie and his family worked hard to create the Magnolia Baseball club in 2004/2005 so that neighborhood kids would have opportunity to play local baseball beyond Little League. The program exists today, although after Jamie’s retirement from MLB the family is no longer affiliated with this successful program. 

Although Jamie no longer resides in the Seattle area, he and Hutton have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating to create an education program The Moyer Baseball Academy for serious ball players who have the dream of High School baseball, College baseball, and potentially playing professionally. This program currently resides in the Seattle area and East Side areas!




Teach methodologies, mindsets , and mechanics that are logical towards success, healthy, repeatable and powerful. 

Coach Nate comes from San Diego, California and has been coaching baseball for 13 years; working with all levels from MLB hitters to 5 years old. He is coming from 8 years at Canyonside Cages where in that time helped countless high school hitters and pitchers develop to move on to the college level. Canyonside has also had 3 draft picks including 2019 13th overall pick in the 1st round. In recent years, coach Nate has worked with members of 19 different affiliated clubs assisting the players with offseason trainings and mechanical adjustments.

Nate is big in understanding the Kinematic Sequencing of the body because it’s the foundation for most rotational activities including hitting, throwing, tennis, golf, striking, etc. Moving the body logically to produce a desired result is what we aim for.


To teach this, he uses traditional coaching methods, but also uses data analytics to make sure we are staying on track. For hitting, Nate has experience and is familiar and fluent with Rapsodo and Blast Motion and have been using them for 4 years training high school, college, and professional hitters. For pitchers Nate uses Pitch Logic as an alternative to Rapsodo Pitching to track pitch development as far as velocity, spin rate, spin direction, etc. He find both these technologies very valuable in the process of training movements and also comparing those data points to video of the player to make a visual and internal feel connection. 


“My passion is baseball and helping kids realize their potential and continue to enjoy baseball and excel at the next level.”


- Coach Nate